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In the Water, Oil and Gas sector, Neutel provides remote monitoring and process control of cathodic protection, running pressure, odorization and other parameters read from the monitored infrastructure. 


The data collected by the field units installed on the distribution and transport network is sent to a web platform where it will be saved and published. Operators can browse the data in an organized and user friendly interface.

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Specifically designed for your underground steel network, CATHODIC is Neutel's solution to the problem of monitoring corrosion on transport, distribution and stocking infrastructure. Measurements are read every second and collected daily. The service is compliant with country regulations and international UNI/EN standards.

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The CATHODIC service provides:

  • constant monitoring;

  • alerts for specific areas and high risk conditions;

  • proof of responsible management to auditors;

  • cross checks on data reported by field operators;

  • budget optimization (advance programming of works, reduction of electrical bills, etc.)

Logo Pressure symbol.png

PRESSURE is the service that monitors the running pressure in your distribution network and deposits. Measurements are temperature compensated to a high degree of precision.

The patented wireless sensors allow speedy installation and replacement.

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​The PRESSURE service provides:

  • data to feed into your pressure model, or to provide a more uniform pressure along the network and in deposits;

  • real time alarms for low pressure;

  • data to monitor variations during the day and the seasons, and better understand what is happening in the pipes

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