We provide support to all customers that choose the system as a service.

Our technicians organize training and field support. They instruct operators to navigate the website and guide the customer in the use of the data platforms.

Send an email to our support staff at:

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Neutel’s solutions are designed to provide solid data about monitored networks. We train our customers to check the data and turn it into useful information.

Our technical assistance covers mail and telephone support, including preventive maintenance on the field units.

The support program is active for 48 months, starting from the month after the field units have been delivered.


  • Training classes on operating procedures, installation and device maintenance, use of the data platform.


  • Technical support and assistance over the phone and email.


  • Immediate recovery of field units that fail during installation

  • Replacement of devices that fail during service lifetime

  • Replacement of batteries, combined with unit replacement

  • Periodic calibration of field units, including published calibration certificate

  • Replacement of damaged field units, in case of electrical shocks, mechanical problems, wrong installation

  • Replacement of lost or stolen field units.

  • Hardware and firmware upgrade of field units

  • Electronic waste recycling program, as described in D.Lgs 188/08, D.Lgs 151/2005, al D.Lgs 49/2014 e D.M. 120/2014


  • The solution price includes the field units, the monthly fee and logging service

  • No extra costs for activation, threshold settings, and configuration changes

  • No extra costs for data transmission and SIM management


  • Yearly download of the data on the FUTURA platform to the customer’s data server, in standard formats, .xlsx and .xml

  • Data archival for 5 years included.

Unique ID for each field device

Devices provided with SIM card, SD memory card and batteries on a leased contract

Field units calibrated and tested in our lab

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